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Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap Design is an amazing process. It allows you to totally immerse yourself into your own creative world and transform your business or personal vehicle into representing the image that promotes your identity.  Vehicle Wraps can be subtle or can be bold/ exciting.  


Vehicle Wraps can incorporate a multitude of textures and finishes. There is no limit to color and style. We can incorporate pastel, matte, glossy or even mettalic finishes. The only limit is your imagination. 


There are several factors that can alter the price of the total job in terms of production. However, at Waajid in terms of vehicle wrap design there is only one cost for the design.  A standard vehicle wrap will allow for at least three rounds of revisions. 


We have five categories of vehicle wrap design. Categories include: Car, Van, Bus, Truck and SUV. Please note the final wrap cost may be effected by the surface condition of the vehicle but it won't address the design cost. 

Vehicle Wrap

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